Seminar Handouts

Crisis Communication: Guidelines for Action

Planning What to Say When Terrorists, Epidemics, or Other Emergencies Strike

by Peter M. Sandman, Ph.D. and Jody Lanard, M.D.

CD/DVD produced by The American Industrial Hygiene Association, May 2004

These handouts were originally made to accompany a CD/DVD produced and sold by the American Industrial Hygiene Association. The video is now available online without charge.

(Note: All of the following Adobe Acrobat files link is to a pdf are larger than 10 kB and smaller than 40 kB.)

Front Matter


Crisis Communication I:   How Bad Is It?   How Sure Are You?

Crisis Communication II:  Coping with the Emotional Side of the Crisis

Crisis Communication III:  Involving the Public

Crisis Communication IV:  Errors, Misimpressions, and Half-Truths


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